Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DSL Broadband Modem Configuration : Nokia Siemens C2110

Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Brief Specifications :
* ADSL 2+ compliant modem
* 1 LAN port
* 1 ADSL port
* 1 USB port
* 5.2 V power adapter

Before starting to configure the modem, connect it properly.

1.     Type in address bar of your browser and press ‘Enter’ on your key board. Now enter
username as “admin” and password as “admin” and press ‘Enter’.

2.      Click ‘Configuration’ and then ‘Internet connection’ as shown below.

3. Delete the link with vpi/vci = 0/35 (if one exists) and click ‘Add’.

4. Enter PVC Name: bsnl; VPI: 0; VCI: 35. Keep service category as UBR without PCR and click ‘next’.

5.     Click at ‘Bridging’ button. And click ‘Next’.

6. Select " Obtain IP address automatically" & "Obtain DNS server address automatically" & click Next.

7. Click Apply.

8.       Click ‘DHCP server’ and Enable it.

9.  Click ‘Admin’ and ‘Reboot’ the modem with Last configuration file.

The modem configuration is now complete.Next you have to create PPPoE Broadband dialer in your PC to connect to the internet.

To create the dialer check our previous post : How to create PPPoE Broadband dialer in Windows 

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