Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to improve latency (ping)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013
Low ping times or latency is one of the defining parameters of a high quality internet connection required for smooth online gaming & video streaming.
Before looking for effective solutions we need to look into the reasons that result in higher ping times & how to address each one of them.

1. ISP network congestion : This is one of the main reasons for poor latency.Ping to a particular server may vary from time to-time depending on the ISP traffic load and routing policies.

Solution : You may schedule your latency-sensitive work like online gaming,streaming to off-peak hours.This may seem too much for many to compromise but is helpful for those having limited choice for ISPs.You can also experiment with pinging your preferred gaming server at different times of the day & can have an idea when you get best ping replies.
               Those having a broader list of choice for ISPs may go for smaller ISPs with good Tech support because ISPs with less number of users on-board mostly provide better latency.

2. Multiple programs hogging bandwidth on your PC : Many background programs or updates might be running on  your PC which may unnecessarily hog useful bandwidth & lead to poor latency to desired servers.
Solution : If you are using Windows, goto Start, type msconfig & hit enter.In the start up option, disable all unnecessary programs or updates other than those of antivirus programs & restart the PC.

For Gamimg enthusiasts, Razer Game Booster is a very handy freeware tool that optimizes parameters, disables unnecessary programs during gameplay.

3. Incorrect TCP/IP Internet settings : A very common reason overlooked by most, some registry & TCP/IP settings tweak can do the magic though.

Solution : A plethora of softwares are available to address the issue without any hassle.For cleaning junk files, cache, registry & even backing up Ccleaner is a very effective freeware.
For optimizations, Tune-up Utilities are well-known.The latest version till date is Tune-Up Utilities 2013.

4. Line or connectivity issues : Majority of latency issues crop upp due to poor last-mile line conditions form your ISP to your premises.For ADSL connecton check if you are getting SNR more than 20 dB & attenuation less than 20dB for stable connections on which you may expect good latency.

Solution : For ADSL  connections, connect the modem properly with a splitter as depicted in our post 
Avoid parallel phone connections or long wires from splitter to modem.

Try to avoid multiple switches or routers & prefer wired LAN while doing latency sensitive tasks.

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