Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to fix speaker problem in your Android Phone

Sunday, April 14, 2013
One fine day while you just tap to play your favourite music tracks on your Android phone's Speaker, they simply keep mum.Shocked you put  the headset on and it works fine but not on the speakers - a common issue reported by many Android users.
In many cases it may not be because the speakers have gone out of order, rather there might be an issue with the headset detection system in which Android assumes that headset is still plugged into the phone even if it is physically not plugged-in.
There could be a variety of reasons behind it, right from a new app install, an upgrade or even rooting the phone but undoing the same might not resolve the issue.

As a first-hand approach you may switch the phone off & back on to see whether it works, else you may try the App SoundAbout which many have found effective in solving the issue of headset detection and seamless switchover between Headset and Speaker mode, before you head over to the nearest Service Center. 
Interface of  SoundAbout App
The app developed by David Woods is available for free on Google Play.
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