Monday, December 24, 2012

How to connect an ADSL broadband modem

Monday, December 24, 2012

This is a simple guide to connect your ADSL broadband modem that enables to use your connection both for voice & data.I have seen many people confused over whether they can use the same copper based ADSL line provided by your Telecom service provider for both.The answer is a definite YES, if your service provider supports both voice & data which most usually do.
The typical connection diagram is here under : -

The splitter used above is basically a filter that splits the low frequency voice bandwidth (200 - 400 Hz) with the high frequency data signal so that the phone & modem could be used simultaneously.

Some FAQs that might be arising in your mind after this : -

1. Can I use the same connection for connecting multiple telephone sets or fax ?
Ans : Yes.But the parallel connection should be done after the splitter as shown in the figure below. 

However for good performance of broadband, it is advisable to keep the no. of parallel connections to a minimum or no parallel connections at all.

2. Can I use multiple modems on the same line ?
Ans : No.

3. I want internet access from different devices/PCs but can't afford more that one broadband connection.What to do ?
Ans : Configure the ADSL modem in PPPoE mode in which you can use the same modem from multiple devices/PCs simultaneously to access internet.
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