Friday, November 23, 2012

How to test BSNL Broadband connection

Friday, November 23, 2012
Having a BSNL Broadband connection but at times are unable to connect to the internet although the modem status shows fine - the ADSL or Link lamp is glowing steady, LAN or WLAN are glowing.
This could be due to the following reasons :

1. Modem configuration issue - Check the post General Configuration for DSL Broadband Modems to resolve the issue.
2. Wrong username & password.
3. ISP network issue.
Now, we need to differentiate whether the issue is due to reason 2 or 3.This can be done through a test that is applicable for Multiplay subscribers (those getting WAN IP of type 117. X . X. X or having username in the domain 

To troubleshoot the issue keep the modem manual handy as you need to configure the modem in Bridge mode (Single user mode) if your modem is not presently working .Presuming you are using Windows OS, now you have to create a set up using your broadband username & password.You can easily create one by going through the post How to create a PPPoE Broadband dialer in Windows.

Now try connecting to the internet using the dialer.If you get an Error 691 or 678 or 651.Then change the username in the dialer set-up with either of the following test Username -password combination :-
1. Username : multiplay             Password : multiplay
2Username : bbtest                  Password : bsnlmp
If it connects with either of these then you are using a wrong Username & password else there is a Network issue from the ISP.

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