Monday, May 13, 2013

10 Awesome Laptop -Tablet Hybrids and Convertibles

Monday, May 13, 2013

With mobility taking center-stage, users are looking for multifunctional & multidimensional devices.Tablet-Laptop hybrids are an innovative lot in this segment that address a variety of computing needs, moods and bring up the best of both - portability, performance, flexibility between Keyboard and Touch UI, high data storage capacity, form factor, weight and more.

  1. Acer Iconia W510

A 10.1" Windows 8 based laptop-tablet hybrid that sports 3 functional modes - laptop, tablet and a presenter. The device features a detachable keyboard dock.Powered by a 3540 mAh battery that supports 9 hours video playback, the device features a 1.5 Ghz Intel Atom dual core processor, 2GB RAM, 64 GB solid state hard drive, 1366 X 768 pixels LED backlit display, 8MP (rear) and 1.3 MP (front) camera and weighs around 1.26kg with the keyboard dock.The device is priced around US $ 700.

2. Asus Transformer Book

 The 13.3" Windows 8 Ultrabook doubles up as a tablet, although quite a hefty one to fit in hands.Featuring a 1920 X 1080 Full HD IPS display, Intel Core i7 / i5 processor, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB mSATA solid state drive in tablet mode and an additional 500 GB storage in docking mode as an Ultrabook. The device comes at a premium pricing of US $1480 as of now.

3. Asus Vivo Tab 
The budget 11.6" Windows 8 tablet priced around US $499 features a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Dual Core processor, 64 GB storage, 1366 X 768 LED backlit IPS display, 8 MP auto-focus rear camera with LED flash and a 2 MP front camera. Among accessories, the Wacom Digitizer stylus is worth a special mention.
              Asus  boasts of a whopping 19 hours battery life for the device with the mobile dock. It is also a winner in the portability segment with a thickness of just 8.7 mm and weighs just 675g. 

4. Dell XPS 12

One of the most stylish Ultrabook convertible of the era, the device sports a seamless flip-n-fold transformation from Ultrabook to tablet.Featuring a powerful 2.6 GHz Intel 3rd Generation Core i5 / i7 processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB SSD storage, the Convertible sports nice Graphics performance with Intel HD 4000 Graphics processor and a 12.5" 1920X 1020 crisp HD display.
   But the device priced around US $1,199 dampens spirit with its average battery life and lack of SD card slot.

5. HP Envy x2

The Netbook-sized Windows 8 based hybrid is powered by a 1.8 GHz Dual Core Intel Atom processor, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and sports a vibrant 1.6" 1366 X 768 pixel display.It also fairs well in the battery performance with initial life extending up to 12 hours with keyboard dock attached.At just 1.41 kg its quite a portable one but lets us down on the performance front.
        The device has a 8MP(rear) and 1.3 MP (front) camera.The Beats audi based dual speakers are designed for an enriching audio experience.The device is priced around US $ 850.

6. Lenovo Ideapad Yoga

Priced around US $1000, the convertible sports a very flexible design to transform it into a tablet.The Windows 8 Ultrabook features a powerful 1.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 128 GB storage, 13.3" 1600 X 900 HD IPS display with up to 8 hours batttery life.

7. Lenovo Thinkpad Helix

The yet-to-be commercially launched 11.6" hybrid Ultrabook is believed to be priced around a premium US $1500.The slate is powered by Intel Core i7 processor, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 256 GB SSD storage with 1920 X 1080 IPS display and supports upto 10 hours of battery life with keyboard dock.

            Additional features include a 5 MP rear camera with  LED flash and a 2.1 MP front camera, spill-resistant AccuType keyboard and a Digitizer pen among accessories which supports 1024 levels of sensitivity on the capacitive touchscreen.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro

The 10.6" hybrid Tablet PC from Microsoft's stable runs on Windows 8 offering backward compatibility to Windows 7 applications.Sporting a 1920 X 1080 pixels Clear type Full HD display, the device features 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel HD 4000 Graphics processor, 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage.It has a rear and a front camera each with 1.2 MP resolution. The 42 W-h battery supports not more than 5 hours which is pretty unimpressive.
      Among bundled accessories, the Digital pen is of top-notch quality,pretty responsive & comes with additional features like an eraser and Right-click functionality. The price starts at US $ 899.

9. Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro
The 11.6" Ultrabook from Samsung is just 11.89 mm thick and weighs just 888g lending it an ultra-portable status.Featuring Intel Core i5 processor with Intel 4000 HD graphics, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB SSD storage, it sports a crisp 1920 X 1080 display.
         It provides a formidable computing experience with its clamshell full keyboard, packs in 8 hours of battery life and is bundled with Samsung's proprietary S-pen and S-note.The device is priced at US $1,199 as of now. 

10. Sony Vaio Duo 11
The Windows 8 Ultrabook convertible features proprietary Surf Slider design for seamless transition between Notebook mode to tablet mode and vice versa. It features a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor that could be overclocked upto 2.6 GHz , Intel HD 4000 Graphics, a 11.6" 1920 X 1080  LED backlit TFT display, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD storage, a front and a rear camera each of 2.07 MP resolution.
            However the battery life is poor providing not more than 4 hours at most that undermines its hefty price tag of US $ 1200.Although it has good connectivity features like 2 USB 3.0 ports, NFC, WLAN with up to 802.11n, HDMI, Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0.
N.B. : The pricing is indicative and is subject to change.
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