Monday, December 9, 2013

Convert Emails to PDF using Email

Monday, December 09, 2013

          With each passing day novel and more user-friendly techniques of converting documents to PDF are coming to the forefront.We have numerous browser plugins and websites coming up with the facility.Google Chrome has an in-built PDF conversion module which I have already posted in detail in my post - Save Webpages as PDF without Apps or Extensions
However, comes up with a novel technique that we can use even on mobile devices.No sign-ups or registration is required.It doesn't even require you to visit any website.The documentation is simple.It specifies a set of easy-to-remember email IDs as commands to which you have to forward the mail to get the text of the email, its non-PDF attachments(Word, Excel or Powerpoint).
For instance, the body of the Email can be converted to PDF by forwarding it to or if required without headers, to
One can convert the Word, Excel or Powerpoint attachments within the Email to PDF by forwarding it to
A link to a webpage in the body of Email when mailed to returns the webpage in PDF. However, when I tested it with multiple links in Email body, it returned with the PDF of webpage of first link only.
A reply Email with the PDF of Email from
The process is quite handy and replies come within a few seconds as of now.The privacy policy of the site however states that it stores the emails on its servers till the PDF is processed and delivered after which it is deleted from its servers.
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