Friday, March 29, 2013

DSL Broadband Modem Configuration : UTStarcom WA3002G4

Friday, March 29, 2013

Brief Specification : 
* ADSL2+ compliant modem
* 4 LAN ports
* 1 ADSL port
* Wifi enabled.

To configure this ADSL modem, connect it properly.

1. Open the browser & type its access IP : in the address bar of the browser.You would be prompted with a dialog box.Enter Username : admin , Password : admin & click OK. 

2. Click on Advanced Setup , then WAN.If the setting with port/VPI/VCI = 0/0/35 shows up delete it  by clicking on Remove checkbox  and then clicking on Remove button.Next click on Add.

4.      Confirm port=0,  VPI=0 and VCI=35 (for BSNL) and click ‘next’. 
For VPI/VCI values of other ISPs click here.

5.      Click on PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) and Mode=LLC/SNAP-Bridging click ‘next’.

6.        Type PPP Username=your Broadband User name, PPP password=Your Broadband Password. Keep your PPoE Service Name= your ISP name, Authentication Method= AUTO. Click on Next.

7.        Confirm enable ‘NAT’, enable 'Firewall', enable  ‘WAN Service’ is Checked, Service Name=pppoe_0_35_1.Click on Next.

8. Verify WAN Setup –Summary. If all are ok, click on save. Then save/reboot. Wait till the main page re-opens.In the main WAN page, then click on Save/Reboot.

This completes the Internet connection set up for the modem.
The Wifi configuration is the same as in Nokia Siemens SL2_141.
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