Sunday, June 2, 2013

DSL Broadband Modem Configuration : Dlink 2730U/2750U with WiFi setup

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dlink 2730U / 2750U are WiFi enabled ADSL2+ compliant Broadband modems with 4 LAN ports and 1 ADSL port.Before getting started with the configuration you need to connect it properly on your broadband line.For reference you may check our post How to connect an ADSL Broadband Modem.

Internet Configuration
1. Open the browser and type the IP address and hit Enter.On being prompted,  enter Username : admin, Password : admin and hit Enter to login to the Modem's Configuration Interface.
On the left navigation menu, click on Management  >> Settings >> Restore Default. On the right, click on the Restore Default Settings button. 

2. After the modem has rebooted to default settings log in to the modem again as in Step 1.Click on Advanced Setup, on the right window, click on Add.

3. In the ATM PVC configuration, enter VPI, VCI values corresponding to your service provider.
Enter DSL Latency : Path 0
DSL Link type : EoA
Connection Mode : Default Mode
Encapsulation mode : LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING
Service Category : UBR without PCR.
Click on Apply/Save to save the settings.

4. Now, again click on Advanced setup >> WAN Service  and click on Add button the right pane.

5. In the WAN Service Interface Configuration, simply click on Next.

6. In the WAN Service Configuration, we have selected PPPoE to enable multiple devices to be connected to the router for simultaneous Internet Access which is popular these days.Then, click on Next.

7. In the PPP Username and Password settings, enter the Broadband Username and Password exactly as provided by your service provider.Then check the options Enable Firewall and Bridge PPPoE frames between WAN and Local ports.Click Next.

8. In the DNS Server Configuration, ensure everything is as it's shown in the snapshot below. Click Next.

9. In the WAN Setup Summary, click on Apply/Save to finalize the settings.

WiFi Setup
1. In the left navigation menu, click on Wireless >> Basic. On the right pane, Check Enable Wireless.You may modify the SSID value which basically represents the name of your WiFi. Here, we have set SSID: Dlink, which means our WiFi would show up in the WiFi enabled devices as Dlink.
In  Max Clients, enter the maximum no. of devices you wish to connect to your WiFi.
Save the settings.

2. Next in the left navigation menu, click on Security under Wireless.
Set WPS to Disabled.
Here, we are adding security through the  Manual Setup AP.
Select Network Authentication : WPA-Personal 
Enter your desired WiFi password in the field WPA/WAPI passphrase. This password would be required to be entered in each of your WiFi enabled device - Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, which you wish to connect to this router's WiFi.
Select WPA/WAPI encryption : TKIP + AES.Save the settings.

Now you are done. Just reboot the modem with these settings.To reboot, click on Management >> Reboot. Then, the Reboot button on the right pane.You should be able to access internet via both LAN and WiFi.

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